Allman Brothers

For the most part when we think about the best rock and roll musicians and bands of today we are going to start thinking about the type of bands that we now consider jam bands. This type of improvisation and other types of music that is synonymous with jam bands started way back in the classic rock and roll era but now it has totally evolved into an entirely new genre of music with new bands always coming out in this type of style of rock, and it is definitely a beautiful thing.

More and more bands are coming out and having higher expectations for themselves and their live performances and this is honestly how the rock and roll scene should be like but it obviously is not always the case because of the pressures from outsiders and things like that to be not so out there and drippy. But of course acid rock is something that people still really love today, and although LSD might not be as prevalent of a drug as it used to be back in the day people are still selling out these jam band shows because the music is just that good, and the more these jam bands grow in popularity the more likely we are to see another generation of jam bands sprout up in the future and continue this genre of music into the future. This is really one of the most important things that we can express throughout all of these articles and blogs, but of course what we are going to be doing is just going through a list of the best jam bands today and that means that the next band that we are going to talk about is The Allman Brothers Band.

Of course a lot of people have already heard that The Allman Brothers Band kind of just played their last live shows, but the thing is that you all have to realize that the Allman Brothers Band that we know today is not the original band at all, and although Greg Allman is a member of the band the lead guitarists are definitely new guys named Warren Haynes and Derrick Trucks, and for the most part these two guys were meant to keep the Allman Brothers music alive for years after the original band members got a little bit too old. And the fact that they did this for so many years and were so successful at selling out shows and being one of the biggest jam bands of today is really special because everyone loves the music of the Allman Brothers but if it weren’t for guys like Warren Haynes a lot of people would have never been able to go to an Allman Brothers show in recent years.

Of course as we all know Warren Haynes is kind of the perfect voice and guitarist to take the reigns of the Allman Brothers Band but at the same time he has his own jam band that is all his original music in Government Mule, and I think that Government Mule is also one of the very best jam bands of today and that goes to show how talented Warren Haynes is. When it comes to Derrick Trucks he too is a part of another band that he is now going to focus on more with his wife’s band the Tedeschi Trucks Band, and I know that anyone who knows this band has definitely seen that they rock out really hard and are also full of southern soul to the point that you would think you are in the heart of the south not matter where you are listening to them in the world.

Grateful Dead

When it comes to the best jam bands in the world we definitely have really unique genre of music, and for the most part I think that jam band music started a long time ago and then has evolved tremendously into what it is today. It’s true that for the most part when we think about the bands that are touring around the United States and even throughout the world we are seeing more and more that jam bands are selling out more venues and having better performances in general. This has kind of always been the case and I think part of this is because fans of jam bands understand that when they go to see one of these bands they won’t necessarily know what they are going to see, and that is partly because all of these great jam bands of today have so much music to choose from that literally every show that they do is unique, and of course they jam out and improvise during every show and this naturally leads to unexpected sounds and music that the audience could have never anticipated. These jam bands are literally the biggest rock and roll bands of all time and the jam bands that we are going to be talking about throughout all of these articles and blogs are the jam bands that are still touring today, and this will lead you to know a bunch about some of the best shows that will surely be coming to a venue near you soon, so if you enjoy reading about some of these best jam bands of today then you are in the right place and should get out there as soon as possible.

So the next jam band of today that we are going to talk about is Dead and Company, and I think it is pretty well known that this band is another depiction of the music of the Grateful Dead, and what is so crazy is that the Grateful Dead just did their very famous Fare Thee Well tour with the great Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio, but now Bob Weird and company are still touring around the country doing huge shows everywhere with the really great guitarist John Meyer, and this is obviously something that a lot of people don’t quite understand as much as they probably should because of how epic of a guitarist he is. John Meyer is definitely one of the only guitarists in the world that could take over for Trey Anastasio as the lead guitarist in the Jerry Garcia role, and he has done a pretty good job although it will never be like it used to be with Jerry in the lead. But still, Dead and Company is selling out all of their shows all over the United States and they still are one of the hottest jam band tickets on tour right now, and I think that is partly because everyone is still obsessed with the music of the Grateful Dead and everyone always will respect Bob Weir and all of his efforts to keep the music going like Jerry Garcia would have wanted if he were still alive.

The Grateful Dead and now Dead and Company, formerly called Furthur, has definitely been rock and roll’s longest and strangest trip of all time, and they are continuing this journey with a modern and young guitarist in John Meyer, and I think this should definitely excite all types of jam band fans because of how awesome they sound together and how awesome Dead and Company is as one of the best jam bands today, and this is definitely an exciting time to be alive.

Grateful Dead Live

Best Jam Bands

Jam band music is a movement and I think that for the most part all of us who love rock and roll are the type of people who love listening to rock and roll and jam bands from all over the place and as we continue in the future jam band music is going to become more and more of its own genre and that is a beautiful thing. I think that for the most part that if you have found yourself on this website online then you obviously are the type of jam band fan that is going to a lot of shows and are probably living in Colorado or somewhere like that, but if you are just a new type of fan to jam band music then you definitely are in the right place, and even if you are an experienced jam band fan, because what we are doing in this list of articles and blogs is talk about the best jam bands today and that means we are talking about jam bands that are out on tour today and playing live shows all over the place.

So of course if you are into jam bands then you are definitely going to be interested in some of the bands that we are going to be talking about and that is just a really awesome thing because for the most part all of us are going to want to go to more shows and that is obviously a really cool thing that is not necessarily what it is all about but it definitely is a bunch of fun so check out some of these best jam bands of today and see what is coming to a venue near you and go to a jam band show soon!

So the next best jam band of today that we are going to talk about is another southern rock jam band by the name of Widespread Panic, and I think that for the most part everyone is really into this band because they have been selling out shows everywhere across the United States for the past few years and they definitely are blossoming into one of the best jam bands of today. They are definitely a pretty large band starring a bunch of guitarists including Jimmy Herring, who just so happens to be one of the best guitarists alive and that is obviously something that is really awesome to listen to any day of the week.

But of course there is just this unbelievable sound to Widespread Panic that is loud and jamming and out of control and while at the same time very harmonious and fun as hell, and that is what they are all about. When you go to a Widespread Panic show you can pretty much be sure that things are going to get a little crazy between you and the other fans out there and that is because these shows are just so much fun and everyone is having a great time at a Widespread Panic show, but of course that is going to be a unique experience for everyone who goes to a jam band show in general. But with that being said I think it is pretty clear that Widespread Panic is one of the very best jam bands of today an they are straight killing it recently, so you should definitely go check them out sometime the next time Widespread Panic is coming to a venue near you.




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